Put your hands on your belt, and legs, sliding your heels on the rug, spread apart.
Bellevue/Fremont: Lie on a healthy side, put your head on your arm, bent at the elbow.
Sandusky: Lying on your stomach, raise your torso and spread your arms to the sides (as during swimming).
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    With obesity, the patient is recommended a set of sildenafil to reduce weight. In addition, to prevent recurrence of the disease, one should lead an active lifestyle, go swimming and ride a bicycle.

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The goal of all physiotherapy procedures is aimed at improving the blood supply to the nerve and restoring the transmission of nerve impulses. Some manipulations allow you to normalize venous outflow, eliminate spasms and pain caused by them. Medications are prescribed in courses. Long-term use of these drugs can lead to the appearance of ulcers on the mucous membrane of the stomach or duodenum, increases the risk of viagra and arterial hypertension.

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In severe cases, in the absence of pain relief, the patient may be recommended an injection of an analgesic such as Tramadol. The drug is administered subcutaneously, intramuscularly or intravenously, and its repeated use can be carried out throughfrom 4-6 hours. To improve the formation of myelin in nerve fibers, normalize metabolism and restore the structure of nerve tissues, vitamins are used: Thiamine bromide (vitamin B1); Cyanocobalamin (vitamin B12).

At the beginning of the disease, they are prescribed in the form of a course of injections. After that, the patient is recommended to take B vitamins in the form of tablets (Milgamma, Benevron, Neurobeks, Neurobion, etc.). Surgical operations for the treatment of Roth's disease, aimed at releasing the nerve, are prescribed in extremely rare cases. They are recommended for patients with the ineffectiveness of conservative therapy and the presence of viagra pain syndrome that significantly disrupts daily life.

Refuse excess nutrition and maintain a normal body weight. Lead an active lifestyle, exercise, swim or ride a bike. Refuse to wear tight underwear and clothing, belts and corsets. Do not wear weight-bearing devices on your belt (weapons, cartridges, tools, etc.). Refrain from excessive load on the lower back. Avoid hypothermia. If necessary, wear an unloading corset.

Roth's disease in most cases responds well to treatment and does not bring severe suffering, leading to disability. However, in advanced situations, this disease can significantly complicate the life of the patient, lead to the appearance of viagra online claudication and trophic ulcers.





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Which doctor to contact. If Roth's disease is suspected, it is necessary to contact a neurologist. After examining and questioning the patient, the doctor may prescribe an Viagra pills, MRI or other instrumental diagnostic methods. Roth-Bernhardt Syndrome. Maintain freedom of movement. Check out popular articles.

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Bernhardt-Roth disease (paresthetic meralgia, obturator nerve neuropathy, neuralgia of the external cutaneous nerve of the thigh) is a disease in which damage to the external cutaneous nerve of the thigh is diagnosed due to compression of sildenafil online of the latter, located under the inguinal ligament, in the region of the pre-superior iliac spine. This disease is most commonly diagnosed in men.

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